Creative Collective

Artist Agreements and Guidelines

By Registering as a participating artist in one of our EGCC events you are agreeing to the following:

  • Your display will be ready by 9:45 am latest on the day of the Art Walk (setup starts at 8 AM)
  • You will NOT take down your display before 4 pm – this is mandatory as we promise our attendees to be open until that time.
  • You agree to promote the event through your social media networks and other channels.  This contributes to the success of the event for everyone!  Graphics will be provided to support you with spreading the word!
  • You will do your best to attend meetings (live or virtual) with other participating artists to support planning and collaboration
  • You understand this is not a market and no sales/transactions will take place at the event to comply with the Burlington Arts & Culture Grant.  You are welcome and encouraged to make connections and conduct sales outside of the event.
  • If something comes up and you can no longer participate in the event, provide as much notice as possible.  

Recording of July 20th Artist Meeting

Download a recording of the July 20th Artist Meeting with important information about the event by clicking the icon below. 

Promote the Art Walk!

Please ensure you promote the upcoming Art Walk through your social media channels:

  • Please click the image on the right to download it to use in social media.
  • You can add a link directly to the event page on our website where people can get details and add a calendar reminder:
  • Recommend sharing that you are a participating artist and to come support local artists!
  • Highlight that this is a FREE event for people to view local art, experience an art station, get outside and connect with community!
  • Reach out out to us at if you need any support with promotion. 

Click image to download 

Artist Guidelines

The following is meant to be a guide for artists, outlining the logistics and flow of the event and to support them in their participation.

Burloak Waterfront Park 10-4 pm 

Set up and take down
Artists can start set up at 8:00 am and must be ready By 9:45 am.  
Artists must not begin take down until the event has closed at 4 pm. 

There are two lots available to unload your materials at the start of the day.  We ask that you unload and then move your car to free up parking, then bring your vehicle at the end of the day for take down.  We have volunteers available to support you. 

Preparation and Setup
You will be provided a map prior to the event with your designated spot.

  • You will have the space for a 10 x 10 tent and any activities / art stations you are supporting you can also rent from Higgins Event Rental
  • Please bring your own tent, table, chairs if you have them.  If not contact us and we will try to support you. 
  • You are responsible for your own set up / take down and the security of your art and other items howver, there will be volunteers available to support you. 
  • Please promote the event regularly through your social media networks and other channels.  This contributes to the success of the event for everyone! 
  • Bring water / food / sunscreen / umbrellas etc…to stay hydrated and protected from the sun.  

Packing List
Please consider the following list as a guide if you are new to participating Art events:

  • Your artwork / materials needed for art stations
  • Business Cards/postcards to promote yourself!
  • Artist Name Sign (Poster or Banner)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Zip Ties 
  • Water!
  • Food for the day (quick things to take nibbles from throughout the day)
  • Display Grids (if you have them)
  • Garbage bag (for trash)

Transporting your Art
Please take care to wrap and protect your art during transportation, unloading and moving it to your location.
We will provide specifics on parking and setup closer to the event.