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Who is the Creative Collective?

We are a collective of local artists with a focus on building community by fostering connections, bringing attention and revenue to artists and emerging artists, and providing opportunities for growth and development for our members. We nurture members’ artistry – encouraging exploration, experimentation, and expression.


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Michelle Nettleton

As an artist in Burlington, I felt isolated. Who but an artist can answer or even cares about things like. “What colours would you use for shadows on snow?” or “How should I go about painting mist?” or “Where are the local creatives displaying their finished work?” Creating usually happens when I’m ‘home alone’ and that’s good but I desperately need community. I need input and encouragement in order to grow. To market my art work, I need to know what’s happening in the local art scene. Since joining EGCC, I’ve grown as a creative person. I’m now doing things I never dreamed I would. Now I enter my work in art shows and competitions. Previously, I didn’t know these things exited in Halton. It’s people from EGCC that have made me aware of opportunities and gave me the confidence to go on new creative adventures. I’m very grateful!

Liz Duguay

When I moved to Burlington, I never thought that I would find a group of creative individuals who were all passionate about the arts and artists right in my neighborhood. Since its inception, the Elizabeth Gardens Creative Collective has become a recognizable group that fosters a sense of connectedness and positivity, and welcomes everyone in - no matter the medium, the skill level, background or education! I’ve loved being a part of the group and being able to interact with our community through events that bring people together in such an awesome way

Megan Hazen

I came to Burlington in a very isolated 2020. Coming from living in Toronto, I was worried about leaving behind the arts community I had built through University and after. Little did I know that Burlington is rich with such a passionate, welcoming and creative community. The EGCC has introduced me to so many wonderful people who love to create, learn, teach and uplift. The support of the Collective and the friendships I've found there has been such a beautiful journey. The annual Art Walks, Art Socials and markets have been wonderful experiences, and I look forward to growing with the EGCC for years to come.

Charina Koraksic

Joining the EGCC was a turning point for me. I was amazed at the vibrant creative community right in my own neighborhood. As a working parent of two young boys, I felt like pursuing my dream of being an artist was a distant goal. However, this group has been a game-changer, providing not only opportunities to showcase my work but also a supportive community of like-minded individuals. In the midst of juggling work and family life, this art group has become a source of inspiration and motivation. It's more than just a platform to exhibit art; it's a space where artists at similar stages in their careers come together, offering mutual support and camaraderie. The friendships I've formed are invaluable, and I'm excited about the collective journey we're on. Thanks to this group, I've not only found opportunities to 'get myself out there' but have also discovered a community that understands and supports my artistic aspirations. I look forward to the continued growth and success we'll achieve together.


Art Walk 2023 is August 26th at Burloak Waterfront Park

Our annual Art Walk is a FREE community family-friendly event for people to experience art and connect with local artists

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Whether professionally or as a hobby, if you love to create then you are in good company! Become an EGCC Artist and be part of the Elizabeth Gardens art community! There are opportunities to lead workshops and gain exposure for your work!

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